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Where local byelaws and local reccomended sizes are less use the lesser size.


Cornwall IFCA

Devon & Severn IFCA

Eastern IFCA

Isles of Scilly IFCA

Kent & Essex IFCA

North Eastern IFCA

North Western IFCA

Northumberland IFCA

Southern IFCA

Sussex IFCA

The LISA Minimum Size Guide
The taking of undersized fish is a major concern for many anglers, not only did LISA create the LISA Business Card for distribution to anglers, we also defined a minimum size guide for our members. Any fish caught under these sizes should be carefully released. If you are not sure then put them back - even a dead fish is food for another sea dwelling creature.

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Whiting - 27cm

Dab - 23cm

Mackerel - 20cm (30cm N. Sea)

Atlantic Cod - 35cm

Atlantic Cod - 35cm

Flounder - 27cm

Bream - 23cm